2001: A Space Odyssey

is a movie where:
Yes, Sean Bean dies. Sean Bean Dies
Yes, Sean Bean dies. [Fix This]
No pets die. the Dog Dies
No pets die. [Fix This]

Does "2001: A Space Odyssey" belong on any of these other lists?
  • they say the name of the movie Add
  • the main character dies Add
  • they break the fourth wall Add
  • you will cry your eyes out Add
  • a kid dies Add
  • the mom dies Add
  • there are jumpscares Add
  • the main character dies but comes back to life Add
  • they say "duty" or "do do" Add
  • a person is burned alive Add
  • there are bugs Add
  • it's the future Add
  • the dad dies Add
  • the minority dies first Add
  • it was all just a dream Add